Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Migrating Painted Lady Butterflies

Painted Lady Butterfly on Yellow Cone-flower
At least a dozen Painted Lady Butterflies feeding
I was thrilled to be blessed with a visit from dozens of these sweet little butterflies as they passed though last week.
Painted Ladies seem downright social

Yellow Cone-flowers provide endless joy to these tiny butterflies
Intent on feeding

Each day I watch them go, as they leave to make their awesome trek to Mexico along with the Monarchs.


  1. I LOVE macro photography, so these are gorgeous!

    1. Hey Andi

      Thanks so much for he compliment -- it means a lot:)

      Would you believe these aren't technically macro. I used my zoom lens (70 - 300mm) to get in as close as possible without startling them. I zoom out as far as possible then move in as close as the lens will focus.

  2. Wow - your photographs are stunning! Thanks so much for sharing them on the Tuesday Archive Link up.

    1. Hi Debbie thanks so much :) I was so fortunate that these sweeties chose my garden to hang out in.

      I'll be doing a post with tips on doing macro photos soon so stay tuned!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful... you should send them into a magazine and have them published... I have never seem such amazing ones ever... stopping over from 40over blog hop. hope you will take the time and come look at my blog

    1. Thanks so much -- I wouldn't know where to start to get published -- guess I hope someone will discover me -- Ha
      I followed your blog:)


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